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Stockholm Challenge

Q: May my son come?
A: Yes, but keep in mind that the activities are geared for girls' interests. Today, a lot of technology focuses on the interests of boys, which is one reason boys significantly outnumber girls in elective IT classes in most schools. Computer Mania Day has been established to help girls think about technology both as a career option and as an important part of their education no matter what their career choice. Girls' technology literacy is a real concern. Therefore, many of the hands-on activities are focused on types of things that generally interest girls.
Q: What kind of food will be available?
A: Free bag lunches will be provided to students and volunteers. Lunch will be for sale for adults or you may bring your own if desired.
Q: What is the cost to attend Computer Mania Day?
A: This event is 100% FREE! In fact, the first 150 students to register and attend will be given free T-shirts and other goodies. Door prizes are also awarded to students, parents, teachers, and volunteers.
Q: Do I need to stay for the event?
A: No, but we encourage it! Students should be checked in at the Computer Mania Day Regisration desk. Children will only be released from the program at the conclusion to a parent or guardian.
Q: If I stay, do I need to register?
A: Yes. This will help us keep track of total participation and evaluation.
Q: Will someone be supervising my child?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we expect to have volunteers in a ratio of one adult to every three to four student participants. The students will be divided into groups of no more than 30 and led by three adults to sessions on campus where a role model and her assistant will teach a hands-on activity or to a lecture hall where students will enjoy a presentation by university students and young women in the industry. The team that will lead the students will consist of at least one college student who knows the campus well and at least one older adult. At least one adult from each team (designated the leader) will have participated in a training session to make sure they are familiar with the program for the day, their responsibilities, the campus, security procedures, and what to do in the event of an emergency. A health care worker will also be on staff, although we plan very carefully to ensure your child's safety first and enjoyment second.
Q: Does my child need to bring anything?
A: Yes, either a signed copy of the photo release or a parent or guardian that can sign the form once here, unless you do not want your child to appear in media related to this event.
Q: When will the next Computer Mania Day be scheduled?
A: Computer Mania Day takes place in the Fall each year in the Baltimore/Washington Area. 
Q: Is there onsite registration?
A: Please register online in advance. If for some reason you have not been able to pre-register, you may bring your child on the day and if space is available, we will accept walk-ins on a first come, first served basis.
Q: How can my company get involved?
A: Just email info@globaloutcomes.org with your interest so that we can follow up with you.
Q: I am interested in having a Computer Mania Day program in my area. Who do I call?
A: Computer Mania Day is a program that can be replicated worldwide and tailored to specific objectives.  All questions can be emailed to info@globaloutcomes.org




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