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Jennifer WebbMeet Jennifer Webb, a digitally animated 8th grader at Computer Mania Middle School. Although she does not always receive straight A's, Jennifer really enjoys school, especially her algebra class.

When Jennifer was in 6th grade, Brandi Chastain came to Computer Mania Day as a guest speaker, which was very exciting since Brandi is Jennifer's ultimate role model. Jennifer is a defensive midfielder for the soccer team at her school, but also likes to play pick-up soccer with the other boys and girls in her neighborhood.

Jennifer enjoys technology a lot; in fact, she is president of the computer club at her school. She is proud of her idea to create a color calendar for their club that Xerox copies for them. The computer club helps the school to keep its website up to date. Jennifer is also a member of the after-school technology program ESTEEM, where students participate in a variety of fun projects. Her favorite project so far was when they built their own telephones (which they got to bring home afterwards).

Jennifer lives with her parents, her two brothers: Bobby and Josh, and her fish, Goldie. Jennifer became interested in technology through her parents. Her mother works at Northrop Grumman and shows her how to design all kinds of interesting things; like suspension bridges, with a computer program. Her father works at Cisco Systems as an Information Security Engineer, where he makes sure that nobody can break into the government's computer systems. Her brother Josh just got an internship for this summer at AT&T, where he will be traveling and assisting with networking for their new IP television service. Last year, he had an internship at Lockheed Martin, where he assisted with programming and testing code for a government contract.

Jennifer believes that she will have a job in technology when she is finished with college, since she enjoys the computer club at her school so much. She also has big ideas about things that she hopes to design in the future. Her newest idea, that she hopes will become a reality, is a system for homes that would use recycled bottles and cans to create energy.

Jennifer is very nervous about starting high school next year. She is worried that she won't fit in, and she doesn't like the idea of being the youngest in a new school again. She hopes that starting high school will give her new privileges, like a later curfew. She is also very excited about her new Dell computer that she got for her birthday, which she thinks will definitely be helpful for her and her friends in high school.






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