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Schedule Details and Previous Session Topics

9 a.m. – 10 a.m

  • Check-in/Girl Power Hour
  • Exhibition Hall: Corporate Sponsors, Universities, Non-profits, etc.

10 a.m. – 11 a.m

  • Welcome to Computer Mania Day™
  • The Importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education
  • Welcome by Jennifer Webb (Electronic Puppet) & Special Guests
  • Introduction of Role Models
  • Layout of the Day (students move to workshops)

11:05 a.m - 2:05 p.m.

  • Student Sessions
    The girls rotate between a hands-on session conducted by real women in technology fields, specially prepared to engage girls and boys and encourage their thinking in terms of designing technology, not just using it. The middle school students are gathered in small groups of twenty, known as flocks.

Previous Session Topics

  • A Pixel is Worth a Thousand Words
    This session taught students the concept of a pixel. They learned to make their own wallpaper using a basic paint program and learned other applications of this program. They then developed ideas of what could be developed to make the task more fun using their wildest imagination.

  • Chasing Clouds:  Prepare for Liftoff
    Students participated in a wide variety of hands on activities to explore the Bernoulli Principle and understand how airplanes and hot air balloons fly. Bubble pipes, hair dryers, and a hot air balloon were all elements used to engage and empower girls to be their own engineers.

  • A Behind the Scenes Look at Jennifer Webb: An Electronic Puppet!
    What happens when art meets technology?

  • Interactive Technology Stations
    Stations might include the following:
    • Web Design for Babysitters
    • Biometrics: It’s all About You!
    • Having Fun with VisualBasic.Net
    • Plan 2 Party
    • Haptics: Get a Grip!
    • Computer Vision: Seeing is Believing
    • Play & Learn with CosmoBot
    • WebPages: The Bomb or Not?
    • Launch Yourself into Cyberspace
    • Make It Wearable: A Fusion of Fashion and Technology”
    • Usability: Making Things Make Sense (For Humans)
    • Programmable Pictures
    • RoboManiacs
    • Squeak Etoys:  Design, Build, Learn
    • Ready, Set … Robots!
    • So, You Think You Know Who You’re Talking To
    • Welcome to PizzaFone:  Creating Your Own Dialog Systems

  • Adult Sessions
    Adults, particularly mothers, are the number one influencer of their daughter’s career choice. Parents participate in two sessions held concurrently with student sessions.

    Successful sessions that have been offered in the past include the following:
    • Getting Girls Interested in Careers in I.T.
    • Cyber Safety:  Keeping Your Child Protected Online
    • Cool Technologies: What You Need to Know About the Latest Technologies for Your Home
    • Preparing Your Child for College:  It’s Not Too Soon!
    • Campus Tour
    • Learning the Buzz in Technology Careers and Preparation: Are You a Gamer?





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