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Stockholm Challenge

Who can volunteer?
    We encourage all students, staff, and community members in the local hosting area to help us make Computer Mania Day a successful event. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.
Why should I volunteer?
    Volunteering for Computer Mania Day is a wonderful way to show your support for your community. Not only will you be representing your school or company, you will be making a strong impact on many young girls' and boys' lives by helping to expose them to technology and opening their eyes to advanced career choices.

    For high school students, volunteering for this event looks great for colleges and scholarships. For college students and company representatives, Computer Mania Day is an excellent networking opportunity.

    Computer Mania Day volunteers may be eligible for community service hours. There will be plenty of free stuff available for anyone who participates, and plus, it's a whole lot of FUN!!!
What are my responsibilities as a volunteer?
  • Leading a flock of students
  • Delivering lunches
  • Checking-in participants
  • Directing people and traffic
All volunteers are responsible for showing up on time, dressing appropriately (Free volunteer T-shirts will be provided), and being enthusiastic. You will be given a more specific set of responsibilities when you are assigned a task.
I'm not available on the day of Computer Mania Day. Can I still help out?
  • Join us for setup before the event.
    • There is much preparation that goes into this event. Help us set up tables, put up signs, and decorate the venue before the event.
    • If you would like to help us setup for Computer Mania Day, please contact Global Outcomes prior to the event.

  • Make a financial donation to Computer Mania Day.
  • Make a material donation to Computer Mania Day.
    • Door prizes, free giveaways, and event materials are very much appreciated.
    • Vendors with free giveaways must still complete the Volunteer Registration. Generous suppliers typically donate enough contributions for 150 to 300 students.
    • Companies and individuals with door prizes or questions about donations should contact Global Outcomes, www.globaloutcomes.org.

  • Refer someone else to volunteer for Computer Mania Day.
How can I volunteer for an upcoming Computer Mania Day?




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